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What's PC !?

PC means Preferred Customer in R+F.

If people want to try the product, they can buy it at retail prices, but we recommend that people register and purchase the product as Preferred Customer.

To become a Preferred Customer, simply pay the initial only $19.95 enrollment fee of $80 or more orders always receive free shipping. Also, all products are 10% off and there are no annual fees.

And, in the unlikely case that it doesn't work on your skin, you can return the bottle to R+F within 60 days of purchase for a full refund.

(You are responsible for the shipping costs to return it).

Please note that you can order for less than $80 if you pay a shipping fee, but you must pay $80 for the first order. Please note that you can only register as a PC user if you order more than that.

When the customer is registered, they will receive an autoship every two months if they become a PC user. The reason for this is that the products need to be used continuously to achieve maximum results, and all products require approximately two months' worth of continuous use. The content of the product, which prevents the customer from forgetting to order products or not having the product on hand purpose.

However, it can be postponed as many times as needed and the date of the next order can be edited if necessary.

A customer can only extend it for up to two months at a time.

They can edit it after logging into their account, or they can call sales support to ask for it.

Customers will receive a reminder in their e-mail five days before the scheduled order date, but if your customer is not computer literate, each consultant should manage your account for them to feel comfortable.

To find out when each PC is scheduled to be ordered, log in to Pulse and click on "Autoship PC Perks" under the "Performance" tab to see a list of customers for your PC.

You can check this page often or put a reminder in your schedule for each customer. One way to do this is to have the alarm go off.

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