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Typical Acronyms

CVs are the ones that often appear on the price list. This number x a percentage of your commission is your commission.

SV is the number of minutes you order from your account.

PSQV is a volume that comes up from directly beneath you. For purchases made by consultants directly underneath you, and for orders from your clients. When you reach 600 or above, you will be promoted to Executive Consultant (EC).

PC stands for Preferred Customer. Whenever someone pays the initial $19.95 membership fee, they can get 10% off any item and $80 or more Free shipping on orders. It has a convenient feature that refills each 2 month when the empty bottles run out.

(But it can be postponed as many times as you wish.)

EC is an Executive Consultant and the monthly PSQV is over 600 and You can be promoted from "consultant" to EC. Once you become EC, the percentage of your commission is Max (15% from consultants directly underneath and 35% from the PC).

CRP refers to a 100sv autoship program that is completed by a consultant each month. To edit your cart or credit card information, log in to the website and click You can make changes by selecting Edit CRP Cart from My Account.

(However, you don't need to force yourself to buy $100 while you haven't sold enough to receive your bonus yet. )

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