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Dear new consultants !!

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

Here’s some steps for you to start your business! 1️⃣ Take your “before” picture! Make sure your lighting is good and the picture is not blurry. 2️⃣ Once you receive your business kit, start using products! A regimen of your choice, Hydration Serum, AMP MD system, eye cream, LashBoost, lip serum, Radiant Defense, and make up remover. 3️⃣ Announce that you became a R+F Consultant on social media! Don’t wait till you get your own results. 4️⃣ Post all the amazing before and after pictures of fellow consultants or loyal customers. You can use the ones with product names, person’s names and the duration of the use. 5️⃣ Host your first event within a month! Ask your sponsor or team leader to help you. Invite your friends, it’ll be a great chance to share this amazing opportunity with them. It could be an easy coffee and convo at the nearest coffee shop. 6️⃣ For those who couldn’t make it to your event, schedule one on one coffee meeting or three way call with your sponsor or leader. 7️⃣ Repeat 4️⃣5️⃣6️⃣.

Make sure you’ll be positive, confident and consistent! If you treat this as business, it pays you as business.

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